Food Glorious Food

Dinner.  A time for chatting, eating, and often queuing. Opinions on these ‘tasty’ snacks have been mixed. From the torture of the morning omelettes that oozed with milk to the joy of the potato wedges which blossomed with spices and most importantly salt. Yes, they were very good wedges.

The puddings have also been varied. From gungy crumble to the soft, sugar coated cake, which tempted people to return for seconds… and in some cases, even more. The watermelon was refreshing, until two days later, base group eight found the rinds in a corner on the floor. Those guilty have yet to forward.

Now vegetarianism is popular among Summer school attenders. And while the kitchen staff always provide an alternative option, which has gone down well, vegan food is scarce. Perhaps they can drink the water… but is this enough?

Finally, we would like to commend the serving staff on providing exact portions to the requirements of the participants. Michael claims that someone even asked for exactly seven peas, and the staff dutifully counted them out without raising an eyebrow at this dubious request. But then again, this is Summer School.

Ultimate: from the point of view of the Frisbee.

By James

I’m spinning through the air only to come clattering down and to be picked up by a pair of sweaty hands and to be flung across the field to skid along the rough grass stubble. I get picked up and tossed into a huge pair of hands the noise of cheering deafens me. Being thrown carelessly onto the floor I feel like being sick. Having recovered my stomach I gaze enviously at the round ring gliding effortlessly through the skies. Why do I have to be the one thrown to the side?

Staff found with gun

By Edward

On a normal day at Summer School Michael, one of the coordinators, was caught with a toy gun. All the staff were shocked by this piece of evidence against coordinator Michael especially Boop who said, “that’s not very pacifist, that’s an Ak-47!” He wasn’t just caught with the gun – he was pretending to shoot the staff and loaded the gun with a nerf bullet at targets which missed and hit books off the shelf.

“It’s very Quaker related,” commented James – a young person at Summer School.

Then some other staff said, “OMG that’s not cool at a Quaker school, and as he is a coordinator that’s even worse!”

An anonymous group of kids – inspired by this year’s theme of Activism Around the World – are considering a protest as they don’t want to get shot at night.

We can only hope that Michael will not carry on with this gun incident, but if you see him then watch out he might SHOOT YOU!