We want to live as a community for the duration of Junior Gathering and these boundaries are for everyone’s protection and benefit and to help the community work well. We will remind you of the following boundaries at the start of Junior Gathering. If you are not sure you understand, please ask. 

All participants are asked to sign a declaration on their Medical &  Consent   Form  confirming   that   they   will   abide   by   these boundaries.  Please read them carefully and keep this sheet for reference. Breaking these boundaries will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately and may result in the young person being sent home. 

Inclusivity  As Quakers we believe in the equality of everyone and it is  important that everyone attempts to get on well with each other to build a  sense of community. No-one should feel excluded or isolated because of  race, age, gender, ability, sexuality, culture or class. At Junior Gathering we  want everyone to feel safe and comfortable so please think carefully about  the words you use, jokes you tell and any actions which may be hurtful and  upset others. Please be considerate of others and think about how you can  contribute to an inclusive atmosphere.

Smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs are not allowed during Junior Gathering.  Prescription medicines are allowed.

Sleeping arrangements  At 10.30 pm there should be quiet and lights out  in dormitory areas. Junior Gathering is a full week and we have found it  important that everyone has enough sleep to enjoy the activities of the next day. Sexual activity is not allowed.  Separate dormitories are provided based on gender, you must not go into anyone else’s boarding area at any time.

Participation  Young people are expected to attend all the events and  sessions shown on the timetable unless indicated otherwise. There is plenty of free time, and all swimming sessions are optional. You will be sent a  timetable shortly before Junior Gathering.

Health and safety  All participants must observe the health and safety  rules which apply to the site, including any of-limits areas. These will be  explained in detail in the welcome meeting: please listen carefully, they are  necessary for your health and your safety.

Leaving the site  There will be times when we will leave the site together,  or in small groups. Participants may not leave the site other than at these  times.

Other people  Other people will be on site during our stay. Please be  considerate towards their needs and feelings. If you have any concerns  about people you meet on site, let a member of staff know immediately.

Personal possessions  If you bring valuables to Junior Gathering, you must take responsibility for them at all times. We strongly advise you to deposit  valuables and money in the Junior Gathering bank on arrival for safe- keeping.

Mobile phones  In our experience mobile phones can be detrimental to the inclusive community we are trying to build at Junior Gathering. An  emergency contact number will be provided for parents and guardians. We would rather you left your mobile phone at home. However, if you do need to bring a mobile phone, for  example for use on the journey to and from Junior Gathering, you must  hand it in on arrival. It will be kept safe in the Junior Gathering bank, and  you may take it out during afternoon ‘free time’ and on outings.

Photos – Social media/the web Please be considerate towards the  feelings of others – some people may feel uncomfortable about certain  images appearing in public places.  You should obtain permission from those in the photos before uploading photos of them to social media and other  websites.