A quick guide to becoming an Senior Conference Volunteer

  1. Make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list for announcements
  2. Fill in a volunteer application and agree to the volunteer guidelines.
  3. Attend the first planning meeting (at this meeting new volunteers will have a short chat with the coordinators – a not-interview interview!)
  4. Await an offer of a place on volunteer staff team

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about volunteering at Senior Conference, please contact Candia Crosfield, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator c/o the FSSE clerk

About volunteering at Senior Conference

We are looking for Friends aged 22+ who would enjoy the chance to be together in a Quaker environment with young friends aged 15 to 18. During the week we explore different aspects of a theme chosen by the young people.

Senior Conference is planned and run by a group of young people called the Arrangements Committee (AC). They carry out tasks such as decide the theme, organise speakers, facilitate base groups, and run sessions like the quiz, disco, and open-mic night. The AC is nominated by the young people the year before they run the event, so the 2023 AC was nominated at the 2022 event.

Most staff will be assigned to 2 or 3 members of the AC in a support role, and will be there to give advice, give practical help (like setting out chairs or printing resources), but overall just be there to ensure that the AC is able to produce the event that they have planned.

The theme and dates of Senior Conference are on the website front page. The event is a week long from Saturday to Saturday, with the staff team and AC arriving the day before on the Friday. Arriving on Friday is essential in building the staff team and AC as it provides the staff with valuable time to get to know each other and to settle in before the rest of the young people arrive.

All potential staff volunteers have to complete an application form and supply references. Prior to the event you will be interviewed by the event co-ordinators who will consider all new applications. Once accepted we will need you to complete a DBS check (formerly CRB check) which will be explained at the time. We aim to have a balanced staff team of approximately 20-25. New staff are expected to participate as full members of the team although the first year as a member of the team is considered a probationary period. This is part of our commitment to the Meeting Safety guidelines. The Event Coordinators will review the week individually with each new member of staff at the end of Senior Conference. This will be an opportunity to receive feedback, review the week as well as consider their involvement in future years.

As a member of the staff team, your role would be to support and facilitate young people at Senior Conference working within the Meeting Safety guidelines of Britain Yearly Meeting. Staff facilitate activity sessions, possibly including arts and crafts, writing workshops, sports etc. We are always looking for new ideas for activities and other non-theme sessions.

There is an Organisational Committee Meeting (all staff and Arrangements Committee members) each day to go over the planning details for the following day and to allow people to express any concerns. This is facilitated by the young people and the staff are present to support them in creating their vision for the event.

The week is hectic and tiring but also a lot of fun. Everyone will have some time off during the week and anyone who is looking too tired is actively encouraged to take some time to themselves. It is usual for the staff team to do at least two night duties, on a rota. Staff can go off site during time off and relax, but must not come into contact with any young people on return if they have drunk any alcohol.

If you are interested in having an exciting rewarding week we would very much like you to contact us selecting “volunteer application” or contact Candia Crosfield, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator at candia.crosfield@googlemail.com