Boundaries exist to keep everyone safe. They are a set of guidelines which have been drawn up over the history of Conference with various arrangement committees and 22+s. They’re there to make sure that everyone has a good time while remaining safe and happy and to create the unique atmosphere of Conference. You’ll be asked to agree to these by signing the consent form.

Inclusiveness: As Quakers, we believe in the equality of everyone and it is important that we attempt to get on well with one other to build a sense of community. No one should feel excluded or isolated because of race, age, gender, ability, sexuality, culture or class. At Senior Conference we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable so please think carefully about the words you use, jokes you tell, and so on. Inclusion does not mean you have to be friends with everyone all the time. It does mean being prepared to recognise and value the different backgrounds and experiences people bring to the event.

Health and Safety: All participants must observe the health and safety rules that apply to the site, including any off-limit areas. You should not need to leave the site during the conference. If it should be necessary, permission of the coordinators is needed. Sibford School is a public right of way, and other people will be on site during our stay. Please be considerate towards their needs and feelings. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, contact a 22+ immediately: do not challenge them. Please do not invite non-participants onto the site. If it’s necessary, please inform the coordinators.

Participation: Conferees are expected to attend all the events and sessions shown on the timetable up to and including Epilogue. Swimming and breakfast are optional. We acknowledge, however, that some conferees will feel less able to participate in some sessions. If you are concerned you may be unable to take part in anything – e.g. if dancing or sport is difficult please make this known to the Coordinators.

Drugs and Alcohol: Alcohol and other drugs are not allowed during Conference, including during the trip to Oxford.

Smoking/Vaping: Smoking/Vaping is discouraged by Senior Conference as unhealthy and not conducive to the community atmosphere created by the event. It is illegal to smoke on the school site. However, we recognise that some people are addicted. As such, we ask smokers to register with the 22+ team and attend the smokers’ meeting on the first day. You will not be allowed to smoke unless you have signed and agreed to the smokers’ boundaries at the meeting. Smoking will only be allowed at designated times and in a specific area away from the rest of Conference and is not a social activity. Anyone found smoking who has not registered themselves or outside these circumstances will be considered to have broken a boundary and as such will be sent home. Those wishing to quit smoking will be supported to do so by the first aid team.

Sexual Activity: Sexual activity is not allowed during the event. People from other dorms are not allowed in each other’s dorms and should only visit the common rooms of the sleeping blocks by invitation.

Phones: Phones should be turned off during sessions and epilogue. To make sure that we create a friendly and sociable environment of all participants please consider not using your phones excessively in free time either. Participants are allowed to bring portable speakers, but they should only be used in free time.

Quiet and lights out: All participants must be in bed by 11.15pm. On the last night, an area will be available for participants to stay up as late as they wish, which will be organised at the discretion of the 22+ team. Sleep is important, getting enough of it enhances the experience of Conference. Please be respectful of those who wish to sleep, there are many hours in the day to get all your talking in.