By Martha and Isaac Swagsters

On the first day of summer school, SSP journalists Isaac and Martha went to interview the infamous Michael Wood; much loved and greatly admired co-ordinator. (Sorry Boop you were sleeping, maybe later this week when you are awake).


Martha: So Michael, do you have sufficient swag?

Michael: Sorry what? What do I have?


Michael: ooh, swag, yes.

Isaac: And do you prefer pigeons or cats?

Michael: Well, due to the dorm situation with the pigeon pooing everywhere, and disrupting general peace in the Boys Dorms, I prefer cats, as they get rid of the pigeons. I liked that cat this morning.

Isaac: Pigeons are fat. So was the cat this morning.

Martha: What are your views on Nutmeg?

Michael: Tasty in a fondue, otherwise useless.

Martha: Who do you miss most from past Summer Schools?

Michael: Um, well, wouldn’t that be favouritism? I mean I miss every one, that’s not favouritism is it?

Isaac: No. Moving on, what’s your most memorable Activism expirence?

Michael: Oooh, can I have two? Or actually three? Because the three are probably being at the OCCUPY EVICTION, OR THE IRAQ WAR MARCH OR THE CRITICAL MASS CYCLE RIDE THING. YAY FOR YAY ACTIVISM YAY I’M SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE SUMMER SCHOOL ACTIVISM YAY YAY YAY (Michael got very excited and jumped around a bit and almost fell in the swimming pool so we calmed him down and sat him down)

Isaac: Now you’ve calmed down a bit Michael, do you like ABBA? And why?

Michael: (thinks) No I don’t like ABBA. But I love Thank you for the music, (starts singing and dancing) the songs I’m singing, thanks for all the JOY THEY’RE BRINGING WHO COULD LIVE WITHOUT IT I ASK IN ALL HONESTY WHAT COULD LIFE-(at this point Michael is dancing rather wildly, falls into the swimming pool, and proceeds to swim, still singing, fully clothed, to the side of the pool, scaring everyone else out of the pool)

We ended the conversation and walked away. Michael is our new favourite.