Summer School

Pigeon Pandemonium

James, Katie, Kirsten and Alice

On Saturday a pigeon was found in the boy’s dorm.  Arek the occupant of the dorm said, “It was shocking when I saw the bird. It was even more shocking when I saw an egg.” It was trying to nest in a corner. A group of the male staff ventured out on their quest to remove the pigeon from this dangerous and toxic location. Michael was first to attempt the removal, however, due to his fear of birds, he chickened out. So Sam eventually had to take over from Michael. He (and others) encountered flapping, squawking and stinking socks (which were not from the pigeon) during the complex operation of escorting the bird to safety. Steps included coaxing it into a plastic box with a newspaper and a blanket being thrown on top. Later events may shed some light on the reason for the pigeon nesting in these dorms…

Animal crackers

The next morning a ginger cat entered meeting for worship and tried to join the silence. Unfortunately for the cat it was somewhat hampered by the bell around its neck which caused a light tinkling whenever it moved. Our sources indicate that the reason for the pigeon’s plight was to escape from the playful, potentially killer, cat. The egg has also been removed and placed elsewhere in the grounds and the pigeon has been delivered to its new home as well.

Incredibly, another episode of the pigeon drama occurred in the same dorm. This time our reporters came in time to see the pigeon make a hasty getaway. We met Barry the caretaker who explained, “People have races up and down the country with homing pigeons that occasionally get lost. These disoriented pigeons nest in buildings mistaking them for pigeon lofts.”

However it was not the last time that the pigeon was spotted. On Tuesday, just after nine o’clock the pigeon was spotted in dorm nineteen for the third time but it just did a quick flyby. “It flew in, slipped on a piece of paper and flew out again,” said Gwen who was reading at the time.