About the Epistle

The epistles for Summer School and Senior Conference are written at the end of the week.

An epistle is a piece of writing directed to friends everywhere. The content of the epistle is from everyone at summer school and senior conference.

How the Epistle is written


– The Quaker way!

A draft epistle is written up by the nominated clerks of Summer School or Senior Conference. Then in a special Quaker meeting (business meeting) the draft epistle is read out to the meeting several times, during this it is amended by anyone in the meeting who feels moved to add or change something. The clerks make the changes to the epistle depending on the sense or response of the meeting to the suggested change.
What you can find in the epistle

The Epistle is sort of like an informal report on what happend in the week of Summer School or Senior Conference, but it is much more letter like than a formal report.

It hopes to capture the spirt of the week as well as the individual events.

If you’re thinking about going to Summer School or Senior Conference reading the epistle I think will give you the best idea on what it’s all about.

Download the epistle