Summer School

Gossip 2

Yoga, Phil and Jo’s trousers…… whilst in the middle of one of Katie’s enjoyable Yoga sessions a loud tearing sound broke the peace. An expectant Phil found a hole in his trousers even though they weren’t even his he had borrowed jo’s…….uh oh.  They were right in the crotch and it totally threw the concentration! Everyone was laughing and Phil went bright red! Oops…

It’s all hotting up at summer school this year with all the staff gossip rising out of control! A chart was written out and it turns out Boop has been out with at least 3 different staff members and also so has Ollie!

Also, a few days ago, it has been claimed that a group of people saw Sarah in a car with a man. This mystery man could be George? But surely that doesn’t work because neither of them have a car! Either the claim is wrong and their eyes deceived them, or it could be true! Although gossip and tales may be spread, they might not always be true.

George said “I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours, but I am happy to find that I have somehow gained a car…” Sarah could not be reached for comment apart from when we heard her say to George ‘I love you’. This is now a hot talking point in the newspaper department.

Did you know that once in a staff meeting, Steffan Aquarone fell asleep and snored? All the staff got angry, especially Boop! She felt so disappointed in him because she has trained him to do everything she wanted him to do, including buying her chocolate and doing her chores! Matty thought it was hilarious! Also, he admits to fancying Boop, Sarah and Lailah