Summer School


BASE GROUP 1 –Next week you will not meet your true love but you will discover a particularly attractive courgette. This courgette will take you places you have never been before! It may lead you through a forest on a train and you will meet many ruined and destroyed bears at Audley End.

BASE GROUP 2 – Tomorrow you will find a cunning young, wise frog. It may slither away from your worries and join you on your voyage to freedom.  BEWARE: a very foolish image will interrupt your whole day it may lead you to go back and rethink, “Why did I pick up that green jelly baby and not the blue one?”

BASE GROUP 3 – Well, well, well; haven’t you been a very naughty base group this summer! You’ve deceived your fellow Quakers just to win a prize. You should be ashamed of your actions; you need to take some time to realise what you have done! (sorry)

BASE GROUP 4 – If you take up a musical instrument this week, you may become a professional basketball player. If you do not, beware of contracting a disease only to be cured by the kiss of life. Boop may dance for you, but do not encourage it- she is contagious.

BASE GROUP 5 – If you look carefully, you may find that great riches await you if you learn to do handstands. However, your parents will discourage you, and try to hinder your acrobatic dreams. Do not let them! Follow your dreams, and believe in yourself.

BASE GROUP 6 – A kind, funny base group. Astrid Corry is a great influence! Have a good day everyone.

BASE GROUP 7 – Wow! Your aura is really shining today! The triangles in your life are a positive thing! Embrace them! Love the reality of your triangular friends. They are beautiful and so are you.

BASE GROUP 8 – The planetary alignment seems to be in your favour for luuuurve. If you fancy them, go for it, trust your instincts. However, throwing small snails is not recommended. Never give up; those snails will come in handy one day, just not today my chum.

BASE GROUP 9 – Do not go outside this coming week, you might be abducted by a gang of threatening alarm clocks. They will take you to their time lair and feed you numbers. However, if you are kind and Quakerly they shall not bother thee.

Maya and Martha.