Junior Gathering

Junior Gathering (formerly Southern Summer School) is a week long Quaker gathering for young people aged 11 to 14. It is an exciting and busy week packed with activities and a chance to meet new people and have fun. Junior Gathering is a chance for young people to make friends and be together in a Quaker environment.

Days begin with meeting for worship and end with an epilogue, in between they are filled with plenty of activity.

See also First day at junior gathering
and an example timetable

There is a variety of fun, creative and active workshops, including music, art and craft and sports as well as swimming. There is also an afternoon out and a day trip; lively evening entertainments and discos.

We explore the theme with visiting speakers and through simulations, workshops and small group discussions. Everyone is part of a small supportive base group which meets each day to get to know each other, play games and talk about the theme (and many other things).

At the end of the week the young people at Junior Gathering draft an ‘epistle’. This is an informal report that aims to capture the spirit of the week and to describe what happened. You can read previous epistles here.