Junior Gathering 2022 now full

Junior Gathering 2022 event is now full, any further bookings from 25/07/2022 will be added to a waiting list. We often get people needing to drop out so it is worth getting on that waiting list if you can!

The bookings secretary will be able to advise further. Please contact us if you have any questions.

At the time of writing bookings for Senior Conference are still open.

Junior Gathering Senior Conference

2022 Postcards Now available

Order a pack and give them out to your friends !

We’re open to anyone who might enjoy our events and has an appreciation/sympathy for Quaker values – they don’t need to be involved in Quakers. Many thanks for your help and support.

Junior Gathering Senior Conference

Summer Events for young people

FSSE Junior Gathering and Senior Conference

Dear Friend,

I’m please to announce that bookings for Friends Southern Summer events – Junior Gathering and Senior Conference are now open! Please see our website at for details.

Friends Southern Summer Events (FSSE) is a charity of Quaker volunteers who run two, week-long residential events each year for young people; Junior Gathering for ages 11 to 14 and Senior Conference for ages 15 to 18, this year’s event will be held on the 20th to 27th August 2022.

Junior Gathering and Senior Conference are run in a Quaker way, this means that the Quaker testimonies are what guide us in creating a packed week of friendship, nurture and fun. Days start with Meeting for Worship and end in Epilogue. During the week a theme that was chosen by the young people is explored through workshops and sessions. Socials and free time provide a great way to build on friendships and make new ones, as well as being lots of fun.

Each day there is an opportunity to take part in small group activities that range from things like sports, arts and crafts to creative writing and music. During the week all young people will be part of a base group, base group are like having a little family during the event, everyone looks out for each other and whenever they meet the time is often spent playing games, having discussions or just chilling out in their base group room.

Friends Southern Summer Events welcomes all young people who share our Quaker values, regardless of whether they are connected with a Quaker meeting or consider themselves a Quaker. For example there are many Young People who are grandchildren of Quakers and friends of Friends who very much enjoy our events.

We have a commitment to make sure our events are safe spaces, inclusive of all young people.

Event details

Senior Conference

Junior Gathering:


Please help us spread the word, we know through our surveys that the majority of Young People get this opportunity through hearing about it from their Local meeting and from Friends who have been to the events.

Any additional enquiries please contact clerk @

Many thanks, In Friendship,

Michael Wood