Summer School

Hug Tie Hubbub

Hugging is a big part of summer school, so we have the hug tie. Which is where you wear a tie, the ‘hug tie’ and if someone hugs you, then they get the tie; it goes on from there. It makes the atmosphere fun, friendly and loving. Friends are so fond on the hug tie, sometimes they even chase after the wearer. The first person to wear the tie was Boop, who explained the how the hug tie works at lunch on Monday. She wasn’t wearing the tie long, as soon it was passed on to the next person that hugged her.

The hug tie has mixed feelings. We had a word with Gwen, and she commented ‘I don’t like ties, but I like the hugs, it is because I have to wear a tie for school, and they look like the Gryffindor ties from Harry Potter.’ We had a word with Chris and he gave a short but effective comment……’ It’s sick.’ Matt said ‘I think it’s a great idea’. Will gave another short and snappy comment…..’It’s Epic’.

It’s only the second day, and many have had the tie already, but we know the tie will continue its journey from neck to neck, but for now, that is all we have on the subject of the world wide legend of the HUG TIE!


Amanda Davis, Astrid Corry, Rebecca Childs