Summer School

Suss that Secret Friend

Secret friends is an important part of summer school because it brings friends together, it has a sense of mystery and surprise. When you arrive, you create your own pouch related to the theme ‘Board Games’ which is theme of the disco. In the hall we all said our names, so that one and another knew each other, so that they had an idea of who they would be giving presents, hugs, notes too. The secret is you don’t know who is giving you presents, at the end of the week the fate is revealed.

We think it is good because, it helps people to settle in knowing they have someone caring for them, and that they will know that they will always have a surprise to put a smile on their face. Not many people have worked out who their secret friend is, but are pondering and investigating who it could be.

Everyday friends go to check if there pouch is filled with gifts. Gwen states ‘I love the idea of secret friends, and it is really cool and happy, and it makes me smile.’ Chris made another short but snappy comment ‘it’s good.’ So overall everyone is very happy about secret friends and we all get stuck in!

Amanda Davis, Astrid Corry, Rebecca Childs