Summer School

Quizzical Quakers!

Expectations were high as everyone piled into the assembly hall to be quizzed about Quakers! Teams were formed, and ‘interesting’ team names were thought up, such as Nobbly Bobbly, Burnt Sausages and Wow, as everyone prepared themselves for an evening of fun and entertainment. There were many different rounds, ranging from the Olympics to staff gossip. Soon everyone had got competitive and the competition was on to win the first prize. At first, it seemed as if certain teams were sure to come in first, second, and third places, but towards the end of the evening the scoreboards started to shift as teams unexpectedly started scoring high points. The race was on to win the trophy. Tension was high as the final scores were read out, with no-one certain about who was going to win. Trophies were awarded to the excited winning teams, with a first place prize, and a joint second. Although every team wanted to win, everyone had got something out of the evening, and learnt something new, such as which member of the staff used to be a chorus girl, and what the difference is between a frog and a toad.

Lila says ‘It was like “Yeah! Woo hoo!” ‘.

‘I found it really fun, and I got really stuck in and it was fun to learn things with my friends.’ says Amanda.

Lydia commented ‘It was really fun!’

‘It was really fun and Samantha was awesome!’ says Bethan.

Overall, it was a fun and lively evening for everyone, and the Quakers had definitely been Quizzed!


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