Summer School

Out and about!!!

Over our time at summer school, we have been on a few outings. We’ve been to the maze which had everyone running around and when we went to Saffron Walden, I was surprised the citizens of this little town weren’t hiding in their houses. But here is what we think of what we have been doing.

The maze was filled with laughter, instructions and confused 11 to 14 year olds. We have enjoyed the maze immensely. “I found it so hard; I had to climb through quite a few bushes to get to the middle.” Says Rachel who said it was 10/10 for the maze. Lydia who found the maze extremely hard, said it was “Hot, exciting, tricky but enjoyable.”  If I were to describe it, it would be misleading but exciting. But all in all it was an excellent day out.

The trip to Saffron Walden was a chance to buy things for secret friends, buy supplies and just hang out with your friends. Glitter was a top-seller and when I asked the toy shop owner whether it was weird that a load of 11 to 14 year olds were buying facial glitter usually bought by 4 to 7 year old girls, she said she thought it was a joke and they were taking the mickey, but who wouldn’t turn down a good customer and she certainly didn’t. I bought some yesterday and it still on my face after a thorough face wipe. Also very popular was, wait for it, pineapples! I know it sounds weird but they were given as presents for secret friends! I was walking round with Lilly and she bought a pineapple to give to her S.F. But she eventually declared she was attached to it and would keep it. But her S.F got their pineapple.

Written by Bethan Davis