Summer School

Ballistic Base Groups

At summer school everyone is put into groups of friends, called base groups. Here you get to make new friends, of all age groups, and find out more about each other. There good for discussing the week and how it is going, and how everyone is settling in.

Base groups come together after theme sessions and discuss the matters that were raised, and what we got out of it. We play lots of games, in our base groups mainly things like name games, so that we can get to know each other. Base groups are a nice way to get to know people in a small group, and it discover fun facts about each other.

Rebecca says ‘Base groups make things easier to discuss, as they are small groups.’

Rachel says ‘they are fun…fun times.’

Beth says ‘They are fun, and the base group leaders are very imaginative.’

Alice states ‘I think they are especially good because you can integrate with other people’

Amanda comments ‘I love them, because you get close with your group.’

So overall everyone enjoys the time they spend with their base groups were laughs and fun is shared amongst friends.