Summer School

UN Simulation

Summer School was able to take part in a UN Simulation that would decide the future of our planet. There had been evidence of extra-terrestrial life and each country had to argue whether Earth should send out nuclear weapons into space, send some but not nuclear weapons or no weapons at all. We were divided into groups of varying sizes to represent the different countries: Great Britain, United States of America, China, Brazil, India, Bahrain, Togo, Suriname, Haiti, Greece, Bolivia, Japan and Azerbaijan.  We were given information about our countries and envelopes which stated our countries’ opinions on the matter. To earn points for our countries each group had to participate in fun challenges which included picking up objects with our teeth, carrying water with teaspoons, memorising objects on a tray, something to do with marshmallows and of course making our countries’ flag and designing a national anthem. Each country had certain amounts of resources to trade with to buy materials, depending on the prosperity of their countries. Bahrain surprised everyone by coming 5th.  Beth, a Bahraini, said that “It was fun pretending to be other people”. The discussions were exciting with many different opinions voiced convincingly. It was an incredible evening and enjoyed thoroughly by all of the young people.

By Rachel Liu