Summer School

A Boop with a view

By Matthew

We caught up with Summer School coordinator Bethany “Boop” Aquarone to get her views on life, the universe and Imran.

Matt: Hi, how are you?

Boop: Fine thanks.

M: How would you describe Summer School this year?

B: A smorgasbord of possibilities. I’ve got cheese on my mind so yeah, a smorgasbord.

M: What’s been your favourite bit of summer school so far?

B: I liked hearing about Michael’s favourite computer, mine’s the same.

M: What was it?

B: You know, a ram, core processor Intel thingy right? And I really enjoyed the disco.

M: What was summer school like when you were young?

B: We were so much naughtier than you lot, we were swinging on the chandeliers and everything. It was very formative; it changed me as a person. Summer school friends are friends for life; they don’t go away like a bad smell, caring and other horrible stuff like that.

M: What made you decide to staff?

B: I was quite young when I started staffing, just 20 but I needed a reminder of what it was like to have fun, and to be young again. Oh and I missed the barn dance.

M: How long have we had the same people for the barn dance?

B: Years and years, the lead person is the chair of governors here. Whenever we try to get them something he says, ‘I’ve been here for more years than you can count, I don’t need anything.’

M: Which is better: Summer School now or when you were young?

B: Summer School future is my answer.

M: Come on.

B: Fine, now because it feels more complete, more effective, more people, everything is just slicker.

M: Have you got any staff gossip to tell us about?

B: Not that you all don’t know. Actually this is the first Summer school I’ve been on staff when I haven’t kissed another member of staff. There you go, I’ve just realised that.

M: Now what we all want to know. Is Imran back next year?

B: Ooh, all I can tell you is Imran is as predictable as the weather.

M: Can we pay him to come back?

B: (laughs) Yeah, you can pay him or kidnap him if he tries to go to Conference.

M: What can we expect from Summer School 2014?

B: Expect the unexpected.