Summer School

Fantastic Fashion Fascinates Fans At Friends School

By Kirsten, Katie and Alice

The trash fashion parade was a highlight of the week filled with creative chaos and colourful costumes. Everyone was involved with creating ridiculous outfits from junk and taking part in challenges to win first choice of terrific trash!

In base groups the competitors competed competitively at a series of crazy challenges including a dizzy race and spaghetti marshmallow towers both of which left spectators surprised at the range of results. Teams were scored out of ten at each challenge with the lowest and highest scores awarded on the spaghetti marshmallow challenge. Coming out victorious were base groups three and eight with themes of the Wild West and vegetables and so they were awarded first choice of materials consisting of egg boxes, tissue paper and bubble wrap.

Then costume creation began. Martha from base group three was dressed as a horse being ridden by Selma the cowgirl. She said it was ‘Swag, the horse comfortable was really uncostume [sic].’ And Kirsten from base group one whose group theme was the sea said ‘it was really good fun dressing up Jesse in tinfoil and Clingfilm’. Jesse ended up as Poseidon therefore incorporating the disco theme of myths and legends. Sam from base group six said ‘It was hard to believe it wasn’t a real elephant’. The elephant costume included four people with a complex headpiece and tail.

At the end of designing, a classy catwalk took place – rivalling Paris, Milan and Cambridge – which could also be described as chaotic but gave a chance for each base group to show off their amazing creations and strut their stuff. Favourites included peas in a pod, a remote controlled robot and a moon walking space woman. This proved to be highly amusing to crowds, however most base groups reached the end without costumes falling apart.

Other themes included vehicles, circus and weddings and the whole evening was a great success with even the staff dressing themselves up in old junk. Participants hope that something similar will happen again next year due to popularity and hilarity.